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Why to hire a personal stylist?

Hello to all,

I was very busy in the last period but here I am to answer to this question ” why should I hire a personal stylist ? 

Looks matter in a lot of situations. If you look good, you will also feel good.

















Every person wants to look his best and even those who says ” I don’t care how I look”.

Physical appearance affect your overall personality. Those who are fortunate to be born beautiful or handsome have an edge over others in their public dealings, true.

People all over the world try to improve their physical appearance. Why?

Here are the most common reasons:

  • To impress people in social situations
  • To look one’s best in work place, where one deals with the public. For example, film stars have to look gorgeous and handsome
  • One feels good if one looks good
  • A physically attractive person attracts more people
  • It helps in building up relationships. A handsome boy attracts a lot of girls. Similarly, even girls, who are beautiful, are much sought after
  • Physical appearance does matter in a relationship. In a marriage, the partners need to take care of themselves physically in order to sustain their relationship. Many women face marital problems as they go out of shape after having children. Those women who take care of their physical appearance have better rapport with their partner
  • It boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. One feels very reassured when other people admire them and prefer to associate with them as they find them very attractive. In certain professions looks make a lot of difference. A model has to look his or best. A good looking salesperson can get noticed quickly
  • A pleasing face is nice to look at. People like to relax in the presence of beautiful things. A pleasant face can relax the mind. Those with an aesthetic sense like to admire beautiful people and things
  • An attractive physical appearance enhances personality. It is an added advantage.
  • A physically attractive person, who is well-groomed, can impress upon people. A handsome politician can draw the attention of the masses, although, of course, he also has to be man of substance. For example, former president John F. Kennedy was known for his looks, although he was an astute politician as well. Looks enhanced his public image.

The way we dress enters in the non-verbal communication together with body language, eye contact, facial expressions, tone of voice and so on.

Hair color

Before people get to talk with us they already made an opinion about us, so this opinion should not reflect our best?

When we are going to a job interview there are determinate rules for our outfit, you should dress for the job you want!

So, you would say? Does a personal stylist can help me with all this?! Absolutely!

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The first part of our consultation is to get to know you better, your personality, lifestyle, desires and dream outcome.

In the second part we do an image consultation that involves color analysis, hair&makeup review & recommendations, body shape and we define together the best elements of style for you.

Now what else can I do for you?

Wardrobe Audits – twice a year we decide (in person or video call) what items to keep (including bags, shoes, jewelry)

Shop your closet – yes, you we can create looks&outfits from your existing wardrobe

Personal Guide– based on your session I will create a personal style guidebook

Guided shopping sprees – we will shop the missing items in your wardrobe

Calendar syncing – I will coordinate all your events, trips in order to avoid fashion emergencies

Fashion emergencies– It can happen ;P but I am ready to help


Well what else to say, hire me asap so I can literally change your life.




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