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What’s on trend right now

Your personal stylist in Milan will show you how to be on trend right now, what to wear and what you should look for next time you shop.

How are you all?

Don’t loose time on extenuate research on fashion magazines and Instagram Profiles, get all the infos that you need right NOW!

1. Ethnic inspiration

Indian prints, big earrings, belts and boots, it’s all about a far-away magic call fashion that we adore.

My tip? Make sure your makeup is coordinate.

Etro: autunno/inverno 2018

2. Cargo pants

Everybody will wear cargo pants in 2019, are the new jeans. Oh yes, you may like them or not but are definitely on trend.


My tip? Wear them with sandals, it will give you a sexy vibe.


3. Oversize pants

Flatter almost every body time since they elongate the legs and makes you look slimmer. Hm, why not?

My tip? Oversize yes, but with height waist. Wear them with heels for a major effect.


4. Chic leather

Leather is back and we love it in every way! So yes to skirts, dresses, hats.

My tip? Keep it chic


5. Vinyl

Like leather vinyl has a major comeback, and not only for the night, you will definitely won’t pass unseen this winter!

My tip?

Vinyl like leopard is difficult to wear, pay attention.


6. Shine like a star

Silver, sequin and everything that shines, this season we can shine and be fashionable at the same time.

My tip?

Wow, shine in every way, everything works. Maybe just don’s mix it with other trends.


7. Fake fur

Yes and yes! Keep us cold and it’s on trend.

My tip? Buy a green emerald fur coat, you will thank me later!


8. Structured shoulders

Back from the 80’s, definitely on trend, we already saw it on Instagram…dresses, coats, jackets

My tip? Put a belt,  you will appear with a slimmer waist.




Get Fabulous,


Stylist & Fashionista

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