Clients only have good things to say about me:

Bianca helped me so much with my styling, it was a great experience and I already gotten so many compliments.

- Anna, USA

I was in Milan and needed a new look for an evening party and I didn’t want to wear the same boring black dress… Bianca was just great finding for me in short time a green gorgeous dress, accessory, she gave me suggestions for my hair and makeup…. it was like a dream come true. I was just fabulous and felt like an Italian diva!!!

- Natalia, Russia

After being pregnant, I felt that I entered in my “leggings and T-shirt zone” and I’ve contacted Bianca for some advice. I didn’t expected too much….but she was great!!! My style now is classy but comfortable and our shopping tour was fun and I felt like being a beautiful woman again, and not just a mom.

- Claudia, Italy

Let me start by saying I didn’t know a thing about fashion (still don’t know a whole lot) before meeting Bianca. However, I was due for a wardrobe change a long time ago and I also needed clothes to attend an important event in Monte Carlo. I was planning to stay in Milan for a couple of days and I needed someone knowledgeable about fashion to help me through. The day of the event was coming and I contacted Bianca for the first time. To my surprise, she responded very quickly and answered all of my questions. We later met at the hotel I was staying in at the moment and we began with the process of changing my wardrobe. She also helped me by contacting a driver from my trip to Monte Carlo from Milan at midnight. I learned a lot with her those days and I really enjoyed the experience even when I usually find the process of buying clothes very tedious. She told me at the end that if I had any questions I could always contact her. To be completely honest, my stay in Milan became a lot better then it was already thanks to her. It definitely changed my perspective of fashion and dressing overall. I feel a lot more confident now and I get a lot of compliments and looks with this change. If you are planning a wardrobe change and you feel you are in a situation similar to mine when it comes to fashion or if you need an expert on the subject, I definitely recommend you to Bianca. I know I will contact her again for another meeting.

- Eric, Panama

I had a limited amount of time in Milan, however, in only a day and a half Bianca Mirabela managed to give me a full make-over, including hair and make-up, and a complete original and sophisticated wardrobe, shades, scent and all. Rather than changing you, Bianca creates a bettr version of yourself, professionalu guding you to your optimal choice of colours and shapes, providing frank advice when needed. Thanks to her experience, efficiency and exquisite taste I was able to make and extraordinary stamina, not quitting until the job’s done and you’re safe on your plane packing the most splendid look you’ll ever own.

- Isabel, Norway

Amazing personal shopper and exquisite person!
One look is enough to understand that Bianca is a fashion pro.
Even if you haven’t meet her before you’ll recognize her instantly. She just shines out of the crowd. She was wearing the usual jeans and t-shirt, nothing extravagant however her look was so special, so refined and extremely well balanced.
Bianca has a real talent for spotting the things that will best fit you and that you’ll instantly fall in love with. She’s utterly quick in understanding your needs and shopping desires. In 10 min she solved my 5 years dilemma – finding the perfect perfume & the perfect shoes.
Besides granting you an unforgettable shopping experience, she charms you with her great personality and elegance.
Even though I had shopped in Milano before, shopping with Bianca was the greatest shopping experience so far !
I am delighted to have met such a lady!

- Linda, France

Potersi permettere come personal stylist Bianca e’ un’esperienza bellissima, solare e leggera come i capi che ti sceglie personalmente e che, una volta indossati, ti fanno sentire un’altra donna!. Grazie

- Nicoletta, Italy

Omg Bianca is THE best personal shopper ever! I changed my whole wardrobe and bought things I never thought would look good, but it does 🙂 she goes over and above her way to make you look and feel amazing !! Clothes , hair, makeup , shoes anything and everything , you will be a changed person. As we all know people tend to judge a book by its cover, and your cover page after the transformation will be FABULOUS! Go to Milan and try her as a personal shopper , you won’t regret it 🙂

- Saloni, UK

Ciao Bianca, grazie ancora per il tuo preziosissimo aiuto nello shopping. Seguendo le tue dritte mi sento benissimo e il look è perfetto !! A presto, baciiii

- Valeria, Italy


Well it’s been a few months and am guilty of being late to respond but better late than never Not only we bought the right stuff we also had a thoroughly great time with u. Anuja and me can’t thank u enough for that!! So until summer of 2017…

- Viral, India