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Refresh your knit!

For a easygoing and comfortable, yet sexy look try the knit, cropped or maxi, here you go!

Add to your next shopping list a cozy cropped  or maxi knit that you can use now with a pleated skirt, a maxi skirt or a sequin one and later, this autumn with some nice jeans or a leather skirt.

Here are 6  ways to rock the knit for a dreamy match:

Knit + pleated skirt

pleated skirt+knit


















Knit + maxi

From the last year fall trend that we still love this year






















Knit + sequin

For a casual way to wear a sequin skirt


knit+sequin skirt






















Knit + midi skirt

My favorite! I love midi skirts this summer and all you need are some heels for a fabulous look.


Holly Rogers+knit+midi









































Knit + leather


crop knit+leather skirt


















Knit on knit

One of the 2014 fall trend.

From left: Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Calvin Klein and Hermès


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