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Petite outfit secrets

Hello ladies, your personal stylist in Milan will tell you some style secrets if you are petite, or simply want to look taller or just slimmer?

And who doesn’t especially after the winter holidays?

Well this post is for you!

Sales started in Milan so before you do your shopping list take a look at this style guide and add this items to your list.

Here are 10 outfit secrets:

1. Pushing up sleeves

Pushing up sleeves or going for short sleeves makes your legs look longer so also taller and slimmer.

2. Monochrome

A lot of petite Instagram divas know it, if you monochrome you will look taller and slimmer, so try it. If the shade you choose is also dark well you have a precious secret to keep.

3. Belt it

Pay attention to the waist line, yes to belts that show your waist and elongate the legs also.

4. High Rise yes

The high rise gives the illusion of longer legs by emphasising your waist so yes to high-waisted trousers.

5. Tailor your pieces

Always tailor your pieces, that’s a rule more than a tip.

6. Pay attention with oversizing

If you want to oversize, don’t excessively layer. Layers are not your friend if you are petite. A tip, if you do oversize on top, keep it sleek on the bottom side.

7. A long coat it’s a must have

 Invest in a long coat. A long coat creates a streamlined silhouette, Kim Kardashian is a big fun of this trick. And again a dark color or a monochrom look even better.

8. Choose the right shoes

Don’t underestimate the power of high pointed heels. So obvious but I repeat heels and especially pointed make a huge difference on any outfit, and if you really can’t wear them kitten heels are so in trend, you have an alternative option that still works 😉 For color options, or you match the color of your bottom part, like black jeans black shoes or go nude if you have a skirt or a dress.

9.The bag

A big bag will make you look smaller, so go for mini bags instead and if you have a PC choose a black cover.

10. Get inspired by a Celeb

You are out of inspiration ? Choose a fashion petite celeb and get inspired by her style. You have a lot of options and different styles.

Victoria Beckham, her style is minimal chic (Inverted Triangle) shape, she is 5’3″. Wow! Exactly.

Sarah Jessica Parker, our Carrie Bradshaw is effortless chic (Rectangle Shape), and also her 5’3″.

Nicole Ritchie, her style is boho chic (Rectangle Shape also) she is 5’1″.

Kim Kardashian, her style is sultry and seductive (not my style) but works for her so… Go for it, girl! she is a Pear shape and 5’3″

Miroslava Duma, you don’t know her? You should! She has great style plus she is a smart entrepreneur lady. She is also Rectangle shape 5′ and her style is Polished Fashion Forward, oh yeah

Still not your favorite? What about Emilia Clarke, Mila Kunis, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, Lady Gaga, The Olsen sisters, Zoe Kravitz, Rooney Mara, Lea Michele, Eva Longoria, Vanessa Hudgens, Lucy Hale?

Get Fabulous!


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