Milan shopping tour

For ladies and gentlemen in search of the perfect outfits tailored to their needs. This is a service customized to suit your style, personality and budget. I share fashion trends and styling tips throughout the process so you learn how to flatter your body, mix and match pieces and ensemble looks from head to toe. I will be supportive and patient, but also firm and honest, so prepare to have fun on your Milan shopping tour!

Season after season, we buy new items that match the latest fashion trends, sometimes because it was “on sale” but once taken home they end up sitting in our closet and we don’t know with what to wear them.

So ladies and gentlemen free good fashion from out of your closet and with some little advice buy only items you will wear, do smart shopping; let me be your image consultant and personal style guide.
You will be fabulous in any occasion!



Look good feel great

blue dress
Enhance the aesthetic sense in your way of dressing. We will choose together the fabrics, colors, accessories, and makeup. And with the help of professional hairstylists, we will determine the cut which best frames your personality.

I will give you the right tools for you to find items that look flattering.

You will be able to combine new pieces that match your current wardrobe and you will learn how to stop shopping by impulse or buying just because you like the print, the color or because of the latest fashion trends. Sometimes the right fabulous new piece can change your old look completely and the right haircut or makeup can make miracles. You will learn to know yourself and what looks best on your body and which colors flatter you best.

My goal as a personal shopper and image consultant is to give you great ideas on how to utilize items you already have in your wardrobe with new pieces. You will never find yourself saying “I have nothing to wear!”



Be the best version of yourself

Going to a wedding, birthday celebration, job interview or cocktail party?
Entrust yourself in the hands of an image consultant and fashion advisor who will create the perfect you (dress, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle).

WEDDING, BIRTHDAY OR COCKTAIL PARTY?dress, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle



Boost your confidence

jessica alba
New moms, have you lost your style orientation during pregnancy and toddler years ? Or you are pregnant and don’t know what to wear to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time?

Are you also frustrated with your wardrobe, and along with that most of your clothes and shoes are not suited for you anymore? You’ve stopped using accessories because your baby grabs your bracelet ? Has your favorite status necklace became dangerous for your baby’s teeth?

You need a personal and fashion advisor! I will encourage you to leave your “comfort zone” for a look that flatters you on the playground, at work and on date nights out with your partner or husband.

I will be at your side during the shopping tour and get your style confidence back. It will be a fun, fabulous and memorable experience!



VIP/Celebrities styling

This is a service for VIP and Celebrities that are looking for a personal stylist that can take care of their image from head to toe.



Home Styling

Want to make your home appealing for a higher number of potential buyers or just want to earn more from Airbnb rental? I will transform your home into a welcoming, attractive place that everyone will want!



Hotel Styling

Your hotel needs a fresh start? Using arts, painting, accessories, lights, carpets, I will transform in a better surprising and stylish version your hotel!
Last touch, I will refresh the look of your hotel staff from the door man to the Hotel Director.



Gifts with a twist

A service created to save you time and effort!

Make your “wish list” and I will transform it into a customized “shopping list”; gifts for every occasion: maternity items, baby showers, communion, gift for relatives and friends, parties, sports, events and many more.

SHOPPING LIST A customized shopping list in order to save you time and effort.


Day trip Milan

Are you in Milan and would like to know where to go and what to do without the bother and stress of organizing your trip?

Let me and my expert team be your personal advisors and take care of you! Hotels, automobiles, shopping tour, theater tickets, beauty parlors, spa, etc.

DAY TRIP IN MILANHotels, automobiles, shopping tour, theater tickets, beauty parlors, spa and more.


I love Outlets

This service covers a special shopping tour of the Outlets in Milan and surrounding districts – this is something you shouldn’t miss.

I LOVE OUTLETSa special shopping tour of the Outlets in Milan


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