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How to rock this Christmas

Hello Ladies,

your personal fashion and style guide in Milan will show you how to rock this Christmas 2019 and enter 2020 super stylish!

This days I shared with you on Instagram 5 ideas on how to nail at best this Christmas. Let’s do a recap:

1. Green or burgundy velvet

2. Champagne silk blouse

3. Plaid tartan long skirt

4. When everybody goes red you go blue

5. Angora paired with more Angora or with silk skirt

What about the beauty part?

Well, for hairstyle try a messy bun, class and chic with low effort

For nails go for RED! All shades work, just keep it classy, short nails and no bling bling please, we have the Christmas decorations for that 😉

Makeup ?

Get Fabulous and enjoy the winter holidays!

See you next year with an update for the weekly newsletter.



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