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How to layer like a pro this winter

Hello ladies, your personal style guide in Milan will show you how to layer your outfit like a pro without sacrificing your style and still fight the cold weather.

Finding your own personal style is hard enough but fighting also the cold weather might seam impossible for even the most stylish of you. So I am here to give you some fashion advices on how to skip out of this style dilemma.

So for you 10 fashion hacks:

White Shirt + knit

  • One of my favorites because you could also add a t-shirt under the shirt 😉 Pair it with a pair of jeans or even better some black leather pants.

T-shirt + Cardigan

  • In case you have a lot of stylish fluffy cardigans well just add a white large size or statement t-shirt under and pair it with some white pants or jeans

Turtleneck + shirt or knit

  • Go for a black one, in case you have black boots (which is probably yes) it will just melt better the hole outfit.

Big coats

  • Ok here we play easy, this year we have a lot of options from the Teddy Bear Coat to Fake Fur long coats, fluffy jackets and so on, make sure to be also stylish and not just trendy…

Dress + Jumper

  • Again one of my day by day outfit uniform combo, add to your favorite dress, your boots (better if they are in the same colors) and your heavy jumper.

Big scarf

  • Play with the colors of your outfit to create amazing looks or just go black, other way the big scarf is a must in winter.

Furr scarf

For all the sophisticated ladies out there, you know the devil is in the detail, well this is a super stylish accessory to have in your next shopping list.

Thermal tops and tights

  • I most confess I don’t wear tights even if there are -10 degrees outside (in Milan is quite impossible) but if you do have to wear them, must be black and cover your legs completely (no transparency). You find them at Uniqlo, Calzedonia, Tezenis or Intimissimi and even at Decathlon. And thermal tops well are a saver for everyone, not particularly sexy but you can go for t-shirts or long sleeves.

Jacket under coat

  • That’s a great way of layering and still create some stylish outfits, especially for the office, if it’s not too cold you could wear your coat on shoulders for an extra touch of coolness.

Light down vest

  • People ask me a lot how can I wear a coat even in December? Well I have a small secret, the light down west. I bought mine in black from Uniqlo, in Italian we call it (100 grammi) and it’s fantastic!!!! a fashion life saver :))

Get Fabulous ladies and let me know your fashion dillemas.


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