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How to find your signature shade of red polish?

Your personal stylist in Milan shows you the best red polish for your skin type!

Like Olivia Palermo are you always at the research of the perfect red nail shade? I am, it’s my signature!

Well, red nails are the flare your hand needs! And if you find the right perfect shade that suits you, oh you’ll be fabulous!

Now let’s find your signature shade:

1. Fair and light skin type

If you have fair and light skin type stay away from warm shades and corals, better choose a cold shade like raspberry or cherry.


2. Medium skin type

If your skin type  is medium you look great with warm shades.


3. Olive to light brown skin type

If you have olive to light brown skin type the best shades for you are the vibrant and bright ones.


4.  Dark brown to black skin type

If your skin is dark brown to black the best shades for you are the ones tending to bordeaux. Try Malaga Wine from OPI, Rouge Noir by Chanel or Marsala from Essie.


You want to know my signature shade?

My all time passe-partout is Big Apple Red from OPI, it’s sophisticated classy and looks great on any skin type.



When in doubt, wear red!


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