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How to find your personal style in 7 easy steps

Your personal stylist in Milan shows you how to find your personal style.

Well if you like most of us follow trends, buy new items to update your closet, but you realize that most of your outfits doesn’t feel “like you”, you are in the right place.

You have to learn to creat a closet that you love and how to express your personality in your outfits.

Like I always say “Style is the way you choose to express your personality“, it’s about sharing on the outside what’s on the inside, it’s about finding YOU!

So yeah let me show you HOW

It’s a long process, not easy, you have to experiment a little bit but once you figure it out, your life will change.

It’s normal that your style will always evolve in base of age, circumstances and off course trends, but identifying your personal style helps you chanel through all those things while still making them feel like you, no matter where you are or what trends come along.

Are you ready ?

1.Your favorite 10

Start with a look at your closet and pick your favorite 10 items, the ones that you wore the more, a mix of dresses, tops, pants, shoes and bags.
Put them on a private garment stand.




Start analyze the similarities answering at this simple questions and write down the answers:
What colors do I see? Is there a lot of black, bright colors, neutral, stripes and so on?
How do they fit? Is everything over sized or super fitted?
Do you only wear flats or hills?
This part will help you acknowledge what you own and especially what you like most.



3. Why

I suggest you start playing with the items, try them on, look in the mirror and answer this simple question.
What is that you like about this items? You like the color, the fit, the garment or how it hides or highlights certain parts of your body?
Write down this details because will make you find complimentary items and give you a direction when you shop.

4. Style icon

Find a celebrity or a fashion blogger that you love for her style. I suggest you create a Pinterest moodboard with all the looks you like.
Now start analyzing for similarities between your favorite 10 and these pins. Next time you go shopping keep in mind this pins, will help you not loose the direction again.



5.Give it a name

How would you call your style? Choose 1, 2 or 3 (not more then 3) from this names: Bohemian, Classic, Preppy, Romantic, Seductive, Sophisticate, Trendy.
All the stylish lady have a mix of 2 or 3 and that’s make them unique.
Now look again at your favorite 10 and answer this question:
Which style do they reflect from the 7 mentioned bellow? If you don’t have a clue, go to your pinterest board and individuate the style you aspire to.
This step helps you to stop adding pieces in your wardrobe that don’t express your style and don’t blend with the rest of your wardrobe.



6. Body type and colors

I’ve talked you about Body Type in a previous post (Dress for your body type) so keep in mind and ROCK your best assets and don’t forget about the fashion goals.
Also don’t forget about the colors that suit you best. If you haven’t done a color analyze yet, do it asap!



7. Lifestyle

Don’t buy items that don’t fit your lifestyle, even if are on sale!!!!!!
If the price is little doesn’t mean that are cheap.
What do I mean?
Well if you buy  a pair of shoes for 100 euros and wear them two times, they were not cheap at all, it means that you spend 50 and 50 euros every time you wear them. Instead, if you buy a pair of shoes for 200 euros and you wear them a lot!!! well my dear, they were very cheap even if the price was high.


Start building your new wardrobe that fits your personality, your lifestyle, your body shape and and your aesthetic!


Get Fabulous,


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