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How to apply Fragrance like a pro

Hello Ladies! Your personal fashion advisor will give you some tips on how to get the most of your signature scent.

Who is already my client knows that in my opinion, the signature scent is the final touch for getting the best version of yourself. Once we focused on all the important steps, from igiene to the must have bag, we cannot step over the Fragrance, that scent that says: This is me!

True, not easy to discover it, but once you have it, it’s heaven, that extra touch that completes it all. The right fragrances dresses you for the final touch.

My advice is to go for a signature fragrance, in an older post I gave some advice on some of my favorite, just updateyourself.

Now let’s see how to get the most of it!

01 Apply on hydrated skin

The best time to apply perfume is directly after the shower. Not only is your skin free of dirt, it is also warm and damp creating the optimum conditions.

The better moisturized your skin, the longer your scent will stay on so make sure you moisture your skin. You can use an unscented lotion or find a body cream that matches your perfume scent. I adore Karma from Lush for instant.

02 Walk Through a Fragrance Cloud

You may love walking into a sprayed cloud before putting on clothes. This allows oneself to feel really immersed in the fragrance. This can be a romantic experience for the wearer, and can make your morning routine more enjoyable. However, make sure your scent is nontoxic.

03 Pulse points

Your neck, wrists, backs of knees, and other pulse points emit more heat than other parts of your body. And that heat actually activates and maximizes your perfume.

Also for man:

04 Learn the fragrance terms

If you are still looking for your signature scent, familiarize with common fragrance terms so you know exactly what the sales staff are referring to when helping you find a perfume.

05 Use the right amount for the fragrance type

If you’ve ever wondered why some perfumes that smell almost identical are named—and priced—differently, you be interested to know that these naming conventions indicate different levels of fragrance concentration. The most concentrated is Perfume, second most, Eau de Perfume, third, Eau de Toilette, and least concentrated is Eau de Cologne. The more concentrated it is, the longer you can expect the scent to last and the less you should use. The one I use is a perfume oil roll-on, just love it.

06 Store it right

If you want your fragrance to last longer (why wouldn’t you?), don’t store it in your bathroom or other damp, warm places. 

Heat, light, and humidity will break down the perfume and lessen the quality of the fragrance. Instead, store them in cool, dry spots like on the vanity in your room or your walk-in closet and away from windows.

01 Don’t

“Don’t use an eau de toilette in your hair,” says Senior Creative Director at Bvlgari Parfums, “An alcohol based formula tends to dry and damage the hair.” However, if you’re set on spritzing your tresses, after all who wouldn’t want their hair to smell intoxicating, be sure you’re using a non-alcohol-based scent or a perfume hair oil. One of my favorite hair scent is from @gisou

02 Don’t

You should avoid spritzing and rubbing for two reasons. First, rubbing your wrists together can dull top notes (or the scents you smell in the first five minutes of applying perfume). Secondly, it mixes the perfume vigorously with your natural oils, which can change the way it smells.

My last personal advice ? Once you found it, don’t leave it!

Fashionable Regards,


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