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Find your signature style

Finding your own unique signature style is important to create a statement, to stand out as individual. Clothes we choose don’t define or determine our success, but they do play a role in propelling us in the right direction.

Be mindful of this!

But how to consciously build a signature style?

The nonverbal communication is the transmission of messages or signals through a nonverbal platform such as visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic (physical) channels. Before we even start speaking, our interlocutor already has an idea about our person, from the way we are dressed, if we are polished, if we have a good smell, if we are confident.

So the question is what we want to communicate to the world about ourselves ?

How to confidently express to the world without saying a world what we want?

Well here are some easy tips that can express a signature style:

  1. Find a muse

Can be an actor, model and celebrity or even a style blogger that dress in a way that simply catches your eye. Selectively compile a board on Pinterest with the outfits, styles.

But be very honest with yourself: what is your body type, what are your physical assets as areas you wish to or not to spotlight? Choose a muse that has similar body shape, skin tone and lifestyle. All this will help you visualize how you see yourself. And try to coordinate in all, from clothes to hair to lipstick shade.

2. Do a color analyze and body shape session

Knowing what colors suit you best and how to dress for your body shape is mandatory. It will also help you stop shopping by instinct and wear clothes and makeup that really that enhance the best version of yourself. So wait no more, book it here ->

3. Choose how would you describe your personality

Are you romantic, minimal, casual, chic, classic, bohemian, sporty, rock, sexy, extravagant, diva?

When you start building your wardrobe remember that your look has to express your personality. Only two adjectives are aloud unless you are POP Diva.

4. Ignore the trends

Yes you heard well, create your signature style without taking in consideration the latest trends, the key pieces that we mostly use in our wardrobe are not statement pieces. You can still keep on eye on the fashion trends and “be trendy” by adding some on trend items, like 5% every year and change them in this % proportion. So invest in essential pieces as a white shirt, a great black pant or a jacket that feathers your body and seasonal color.

5. Final touch a great scent – Perfume

So so important, its the final touch “la ciliegina sulla torta” how we say in Italy, when you’re finally satisfy with your appearance, you just simply can’t ignore the scent people will remember you by. So make sure its a good one, first of all a clean one. Yes the Perfume must be expensive and not easy to get, better a niche one like Diptyque or Amouage.

6. Makeup, hair and nails

Don’t forget to choose well your makeup, not too much though! you want people to still recognize you without it…lol

Try a signature lipstick in your color palette.

Make sure your hair is clean, looks polished and not damaged.

For the nails if you like a natural shade is just fine, otherwise red shades (more coral in summer and darker in winter) work just fine. Please no French mani (old style), no flowers are allowed, keep it classy.

7. A mindful body language

First impressions are a funny and yet interesting thing. The trick is to accept and embrace them. Presenting yourself with confidence will come far easier with a signature style that people can appreciate. What to remember:

Well first of all walk with confidence, not too fast not too slow; sit with good posture and be aware of your body; create eye contact. Don’t hide your hands, means you are not sincerely. Extend a welcoming hand or kiss (never really kiss :P) on the cheek; be aware of your personal space bubble; set your boundaries; don’t tug your clothes in public or touch your hair or face too often (says that you are insecure).

Smile, do it sincerity 🙂


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