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Best swimwear trends you need to know

Hello ladies,

Your personal image consultant in Milan will show you the best swimwear trends you need to know.

This year is a very strange one, a very confusing moment with the Virus still among us and a uncertainty that does not allow us to plan our life like before. But a quick weekend by the sea or for the lucky of you that leave by the ocean, well this info might be heaven style. I personally plan a vacation in the south of Italy, we have a summer house and since I am 6 month pregnant I plan to anticipate it at the end of this month or the first decade of July and in August I will remain close by Milan.

Well, so let’s see what shall we add to our next shopping list so we can rock by the sea 🙂

#1. Animal Print

Animal prints are strong lately in all categories so no surprise that has a revival also on swimwear, making it the number 01 trend. Leopard and tiger print rule but we have also zebra and snakeskin.

#2. Flirty Florals

Yeah, a natural print for swimwear, we adore it!

#3. Tie-Dye

Slow and steady comeback, for me is a mind throwback to my first Formentera vacation. So hippy and cool.

#4. Black Bikinis

Never a bad idea, looks good on everyone and especially for the first days when we are still “Mozzarella white” it’s a must !

#5. Chocolate Brown and orange

I put this two colors together because they are warm colors even if the chocolate brown is more understanding and the orange very summery.

#6. Shiny Metallics

Ohhh, now this is a eye-catching choice, bling bling in the sun.

#7. Stringy Bottoms

Top most revealing and sexy trend, extra stringy string bikini bottoms. Ok, not classy in my opinion but you definitely get the most from your tanning session.

#8. High Waisted Bottoms

Going strong, this option gives you the chance to cover a little bit…

#9. One-Shoulder Tops

Oh, just love it, my choice from two years by now. So chic!

#10. Midriff Ties

Unique embellishment, interesting choice also.

#11. Front Ties

Back in style ladies!

#12. Off-the-Shoulder

So romantic, this top could be a good option also with a high-waisted skirt.

#13. Ruffle

Small or voluminous, well definitely on trend.

#14. Peek-a-Boo One-Piece

So sexy!

#15. Metal O-Rings

Popular detail, may be considered the number 01 accessory for our swimwear.

Well you can see that there are a lot of great options, what else its worth saying? Casting directors aimed to prove that everyone deserves to go to the beach in a swimsuit that they can feel comfortable and happy in.

So we saw models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors on the runways, great great!



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