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7 style tips for PETITE

All woman have insecurities and all of us want to change our body instead of embracing the way we look. We have to feel good and confident instead.

We can improve the image we see in the mirror, and on this, a style expert can help you a lot.

Today I will tell you a secret, a  image consultant tip.
Are you ready?

One of my client is a petite and she asked me how can she elongate her legs and appear taller.

Here are my 7 style tips:

1. Heels.
They instantly flatter your legs, the way you walk, talk and appear. You are more confident and oh so sexy!
No ankle strap heels, these will make your legs appear shorter and no platform stilettos that will ruin your proportions.











2. A monochromatic look. One color create a vertical line and you will appear longer.
























3. High waistline. Try high waistline skirts or pants and your legs will appear longer than they actually are.























4. Go Nude or Black. Buy nude shoes for summer and black shoes for winter, will blend with the rest of your look and make you appear longer.


















5. Pointy Stilettos. Extend the length of your legs with pointy stilettos, anyway round toe shoes flattering less any figure.

AQUAZZURA Coco Suede Pumps in Black

















6. Keep the right proportions. Stay away from flowy tops or knits or just tuck them into your waistline.


















7. Go Vertical. Choose vertical lines or patterns that will create a lengthening effect.

Try pleated skirts and stay away from large patterns or horizontal lines.

vertical lines

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