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2 Interview outfits for woman

First impression is everything in a job interview and assembling the perfect outfit is crucial.

55% of first impressions are formed by appearance and weather your dream job is in a creative environment or a corporate industry you want to look professional, polished and confident.

Your style guide in Milan will show you how to nail the perfect interview look.

1. Corporate – Traditional With a Touch of Flair

Can’t go wrong wearing a blazer with a basic top and a pencil skirt or a well-cut pair of pants (not too skinny). 

Keep colors calm—you don’t want your outfit to pull focus away from you. Blue is the color of work so a good choice.

Add minimal accessories: maybe a great pair of earrings or a necklace. In any case non-distracting like watches and drin-drin bracelets.

Pair it with some nice pumps not too high and a tote.

Tip: Always cover your arms for this kind of interview and do not show tattoos.

Makeup and hair: 

Hair well groomed, keep it away from the face with a low ponytail, bun, french twist and don’t touch it during the interview.

Keep the makeup minimal and natural, don’t esagerate with the perfume.

A great example of this style is Amal Clooney wearing a chic navy blue business suit from Armani with a grey tote and Jimmy Choo pumps.



2. Creative – Edgy With a Touch of Classic

When your dream job is in fashion, advertising, the arts and such, you can have some fun with your interview attire. You can go a bit edgier, but keep it professional, too.  Creative environments are the right places to break the rules, but do not esagerate.

Try some modern culottes trousers paired with a classic blouse or top and a cool statement blazer that really fits you.. Add some pop withe a nice pair of pumps.

Accessories: you can go for a statement piece that says something about your personality

Tip: Color yes, but don’t go crazy!

Makeup and hair: Keep it clean and natural unless  your hair is your signature, in this case groom it like always.

Make a natural base and choose a little bit of pop for the lips or a red nail shade to give you confidence. Again do not esagerate with the perfume.

A great example of this style is Olivia Palermo wearing gray cullotes trousers with a navy jacket and gold accessories. Her makeup is natural. Look how the red nail shade pops!


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