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10 Ways to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

Your personal stylist in Milan shows you 10 ways to make your outfit look more expensive without spending 1.000 euros a month on shoes, bags and new coats.

Buying  expensive looks it’s definitely not what I search for my clients but there is nothing wrong in trying to look polished. I prefer mixing key pieces that maybe cost a little bit with low cost items. Wearing your colors or being an expert of body shape can help a lot as well.

So if you want to upscale your look, and make your clothes look luxe even when they are not, well here you find 10 great tips just for you.

1.  Always get it tailored

It’s the most important rule, when you buy something that doesn’t fit you perfectly go to your trusted tailor nip. I see all the time people wearing jeans that are too long,  get them tailored and instantly the look will look more expensive and will elongate the appearance of your legs.

Get things tailored will elevate the product beyond the original price tag, trust me!
















2.  Get it pressed 

Steam the clothes or get them pressed, will instantly make your look more polished and expensive.






















3. Polished hair and makeup

Keep your hair clean and polished with a sleek blowout, your skin flawless and wear a red lipstick in your favorite shade, instantly fabulous!




















4.  Add gold accessories

It can be a bag or a statement jewelry, but it will elevate your look immediately.






















5.  Monochrome outfit

An all white or all black outfit will look extremely elegant, will elongate your figure and make you look extremely stylish.





























6.  Add a belt

Add it on a jacket or on a baggy sweater that you tuck in and you will look like from a magazine.













7.  Match your shoes with the bag

It may seem old style but this tip will instantly elevate your look.


























8. Wear a structured bag

An oversize structured tote or a mini bag will make the difference on every look.


























9.  Invest in shoes

Great hair and fabulous shoes will get you anywhere! So, invest in quality and comfy shoes that will make all the outfit look more polished and expensive.












10.  Get a tailored jacket

It looks great on everything and elevates every look. Find a tailored jacket and try it on denim, flowy dresses, slim pants…even on culottes!






















Wear it over the shoulders as a ultra chic weapon.

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Get fabulous !


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